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Wine Promotion Services

Wine Promotion Services by Laura Winter Falk, Sommelier

Laura’s background in food and nutrition along with her wine credentials as a certified sommelier and educator create the foundation for how she showcases and promotes quality wines through simple yet very effective food pairing.  Using cheeses, charcuterie and and other bite sized morsels being offered at the event, she engages people using a three-step approach:

1) Educating them on WHAT makes the wine perfect for the selected food; talking about its core elements that make it a quality wine.

2) Sharing WHO is behind the wine, by telling the stories of the people who are creating their passion-driven products that evoke the sense of place and community in which the wine is made.

3) Creating the WOW moment, when they taste the wine and the simplest of pairings that generate a  moment of recognition that they just tasted something delicious, provoking and magical.

Laura’s personal relationships with the best winemakers in the Finger Lakes wine region coupled with her own passion to share the allurement that exists in every glass of finely-crafted wine creates wine tasting experiences that develop an emotional connection to the wine.   They want to know more, they want to taste more, they want to know how they can get these wines and create these tasting experiences at home, again and again.

Whether it be a featured tasting in a hotel to engage customers, a conference or convention interested in attracting industry professionals, or wine and food festival organizers looking to wow festival goers, Laura creates moments that drive wine sales.  And when it comes to Finger Lakes wine, there is no other wine region that she is more passionate about sharing.  Sponsorship opportunities at festivals and events also exist for co-promotion of other affiliated products, destinations, and services.

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