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  • In Person Wine Pairing Event: Saturday, February 19th @ 1:30 PM

Georgian Wine On My Mind (and growing right here in the Finger Lakes!)

Quick Details

Adult Ages 21+

A Special One-Day-Only Event as part of the Ithaca Loves Teachers Celebration

Saturday, February 19th, 1:30 PM, Coltivare Wine Amphitheater

E!FLX presents this special event that features Finger Lakes wines made from ancient Georgian varietals.

The Georgian Republic, a country at the intersection of Europe and Asia in the Caucasus Mountains, is considered the oldest winemaking region in the world. Indigenous grapes have been cultivated there for 8000 years, with Rkatsiteli and Saperavi recognized as two of the oldest known grape varieties in the world

Over 50 years ago, because of their known cold weather resiliency, these were planted here in the Finger Lakes. Today, there is an increasingly growing regional interest in these varieties, resulting in more cultivated acres planted in the Finger Lakes than anywhere else in the world outside of Georgia.

Join sommelier Laura Winter Falk as she explores six Finger Lakes wines crafted from these ancient varietals by different FLX producers. Taste why there is some much excitement about these wines, discover their fascinating history and learn about their cultural traditions in winemaking . Each wine will also be paired with classic Georgian food items.

Featured Wines:

Dr Konstantin Frank Rkatsiteli 2020, Keuka Lake

Pheasant’s Tears Kakheti, Georgia 2020

Idol Ridge Winery Saperavi 2018, Seneca Lake

Standing Stone Vineyards Saperavi 2019, Seneca Lake

Weis Vineyarards Saperavi 2019, Keuka Lake

 Dr. Konstantin Frank Saperavi 2019 – Keuka Lake

Featured Georgian Cheeses and Specialty Products:

     Georgian Sulguni

    Georgian Smoked Sulguni

    Georgian Marinated Cauliflower

    Georgian Cornel Cherries

    Georgian Preserved Walnuts

    Turkish Fig and Walnut Balls

    Russian Dark Chocolate

Finger Lakes Honey

This presentation is part of the Ithaca Loves Teachers celebration, but registration is open to all. Availability is very limited with only 20 tickets being sold.

Registered VITs and their Teacher’s Pets will receive 15% off the retail ticket price.