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  • ONE NIGHT ONLY! October 20, 6:30 PM

A Georgian Wine-Paired Supra

Quick Details

  • Date:  Friday, October 20, 2023
  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Time: 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
  • Location: Hound & Mare, Downtown Ithaca
  • Cost: $129
From :
$ 129
Join Chef Samantha and Sommelier Laura Winter Falk for a traditional Georgian Supra!   A Supra is a traditional Georgian feast and an important part of Georgian social culture. Not technically a party, and yet so much more than a dinner, a Supra has a lot of components that come together to create a one-of-a-kind experience.  Georgian Supras are multi-course meals, but think of the courses as more “waves” of food. The table will be full of food when you arrive, and more and more food and wine will keep coming throughout the evening.   In April, Chef Samantha was invited to join a group of Finger Lakes tastemakers on a trip to the Republic of Georgia to dive deeply into the culture, food and wine. You will taste the flavors of the region as Samantha recreates a traditional Georgian Supra right in Downtown Ithaca.  Hear the stories, learn the traditions of the feast, and taste the abundance of flavors in the delicious  traditional foods of the country.
Georgia and wine are inextricably linked.  The country is considered the birthplace of cultivated wine, with proof of wine production dating back 9000 years!  During this Supra, the role of the “tamada” or toastmaster, will be played by Laura Winter Falk, whose sole responsibility is to keep the festivities moving along with toasts and ensure that the wine keeps flowing!
Menu (Served  Family-style)
On the table upon arrival:
Georgian cheese and Shoti Bread
Beet walnut dip with coriander, marigold and dill
Spinach Pkhali with spinach, eggplant, leeks and cabbage
Pumpkin spread
Eggplant rolled with walnut spread topped with pomegranate and parsley
Chanakhi layered roasted vegetables
Tomato cucumber and onion salad with parsley and hazelnut sauce and sunflower oil
Skewered grilled lamb, pork or chicken with marinated onion, herbs and pomegranate
Mango Rkatsiteli Sorbet

A collection of both Georgian wines and Finger Lakes wines made from traditional Georgian varietals will be served and paired throughout the meal side by side:

Dr.Konstantin Frank Amber Rkatsiteli 2021(Finger Lakes, NY)

Orgo Amber Rkatsiteli 2021(Kakheti, Georgia)

Idol Ridge String of Pearls Sparkling Saperavi 2021 (Finger Lakes, NY)

Artizani Orange Affair 2021 (Kakheti, Georgia)

Damiani Wine Cellars Saperavi 2021(Finger Lakes, NY)

Orgo Saperavi 2021 (Kakheti, Georgia)

Dr. Konstantin Frank Rkatsiteli 2022 (Finger Lakes, NY)